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Q:What does GreenRenewable do?

A:GreenRenewable is committed to offering high quality, lawn and garden products derived from sustainable resources. We own and operate facilities across New York State, employing best management practices that comply with state and federal Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.

We strive to assist communities in their compliance with these rules and regulations, while supporting the Earth’s natural resources. We’re proud of the products and services we provide, and the relationships we’ve forged with the communities in which we operate.

Q:GreenRenewable facilities are certified under NYSDEC guidelines. What does that mean?

A:GreenRenewable’s organic recycling operations meet all requirements for registration under New York State Department of Environmental Conservation guidelines. Registered facilities, such as ours, must adhere to a certain level of operating requirements. These principles cover everything form the materials we use to how our products are stored.

Q:What does certified organic mean?

A:Certified organic refers to agricultural products that have been grown and processed according to uniform standards which are verified by independent state or private organizations accredited by the USDA. Certification includes annual submission of an organic system plan and inspection of farm fields and processing facilities. Inspections include review of a facility’s cleaning and pest control methods, ingredient transportation and storage, and recordkeeping and audit control.

Q:Does GreenRenewable accept painted or otherwise treated wood waste?

A:We do not repurpose any wood that has been treated with chemicals or paint. We use our wood products to create our mulches and soil amendments and these chemicals can damage plant life and pollute ground soil and water.

We also burn wood chips in our biomass energy plant. Burning treated wood could potentially give off dangerous fumes. The best place for painted and treated wood material is the landfill.

Q:Are the colorants used in mulches safe for my plants and animals?

A:Yes. The water-based, non-toxic colorants we use are independently tested and proven safe for plant and animal life.

Q:Is softwood bedding safe for use with all animals?

A:Yes. Our animal bedding is safe for use with livestock, horses and other animals. No chemicals are added in the production process. The softwood we use offers a natural fresh scent while absorbing moisture, suppressing dust and allowing for easy clean-up.

Q:How much mulch should I apply, and how often?

A:Generally, you should apply mulch at a depth of two to four inches. Any more than that can limit the amount of air circulation and suffocate your plants. Use less mulch for heavy, clay soils and more for lighter, sandy soils. Mulch works best if applied at least once a year.

Q:Are there any limitations for transporting kiln-dried firewood?

A:You can transport kiln-dried firewood anywhere in the United States and beyond without restriction. This is as opposed to untreated firewood, which may not be moved more than 50 miles from its source.

Q:Can I buy products directly from GreenRenewable facilities?

A:GreenRenewable does not sell direct to consumers from its manufacturing plants. We bag and produce bulk products for wholesale landscape suppliers and retail customers. We also provide private label packaging services for national lawn and garden product distributors.

Q:Where does GreenRenewable deliver?

A:GreenRenewable conveniently delivers to cusomers throughout the entire state of New York and parts of Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

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