Organic Materials Repurposing

Our soil division begins at our composting facilities which we own and manage. Green waste (bagged and loose) such as branches, leaves, grass, plants and flowers is brought to our facilities where it’s properly aged, allowing it to decompose and release its beneficial nutrients. Those nutrients are then added to our soil blends to promote healthy and robust plant growth.

The finished composted products may be used as a surface dressing on yards or around plants or incorporated directly into the soil. Compost can be used as a soil amendment in flower pots, flower beds, roses, blooming bulbs, vegetables, starting a lawn, maintaining a lawn, gardens, berries, ornamental shrubs, and around trees.

Quality control at our Organic Materials Repurposing facility is directed by rigid state and federal regulations and the commitment by GreenRenewable to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and produce a quality product.

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